Warning signs of a bad staffing agency



Your experience from the moment you hit the apply button to when you’re hired is vastly different from staffing firm to staffing firm. Which makes it even more difficult to know what you should expect when working for one.

APR has been connecting people with job opportunities for over 35 years. We’ve been around to see what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, how to treat employees that work for your agency.

When you’re applying for jobs and your considering to work for a staffing firm or agency you’re not familiar with, here are a few warning signs that you might want to consider before working with them.


Their application process is difficult and confusing

You find a job you want to apply for. After multiple clicks and having a hard time navigating their website, you now have to spend 15 mins filling out miscellaneous information that’s already included on your resume.

This should be the first red flag and you shouldn’t waste your time. This type of staffing firm clearly doesn’t have the employee experience first in mind. If you’d like to see a great example of what an application process should look like – check out our jobs page.


Their lack of social media presence is disturbing

You start to research the company on social media. You search for them on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. You notice either A. it’s non-existent or B. their page isn’t engaging.

This should be your second warning sign. Social Media is a great way for agencies to stay connected with their employees. That’s why we are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


The recruiter is unorganized, uninformative, and all around unprofessional

When you first talk to the recruiter, if they do any of the following, walk away:

  1. Pressure you into taking the position – They give you a deadline or say things “We need an answer in 24 hours”.
  2. Their cold, uninformative, and confusing –  They can’t answer simple questions and give you an idea of what the job entails.
  3. They over promise and under deliver – They say they will send you an email in the next hour and you don’t get it until 2 days later, or they say to expect a phone call from them in 24 hours and you never hear back.

If your recruiter treats you more like they are doing you a favor instead of a human being, this should be a big warning sign. Don’t waste your time working with a poor recruiter because they won’t stand in your corner when things get rough.


They forget about you once you’ve started working

An important question to ask the staffing firm or temp agency is what they do to stay connected with its workforce. Do they send out newsletters to keep in touch? Does someone check-in with you periodically to see how your assignment is going?

Last year at APR we launched our WeCare program.  With WeCare, we provide support from the very first phone call to your last day of work. We schedule periodic check-ins, support for any issue that may arise, employee recognition, and even an occasional giveaway. We also send out quarterly newsletters to keep our work force updated with any information that might apply to their job.


Keep these warning signs in mind when considering a staffing firm or temp agency to work for. If you’ve ever experienced something that isn’t on the list, let us know and comment below!

2017 – The Best Is Yet To Come

2017 is my year to...

2017 is my year to...


We have a saying around here at APR that is consistently echoed and repeated by our Executive team: The best is yet to come. At almost every meeting, employee outing or even an occasional email, you’ll see or hear those words.

So what is your “best” for 2017? What goals or resolutions do you have? And most importantly, how do you keep them? Here are 3 easy tips to help make 2017 your best one yet.

1. Establish S.M.A.R.T goals for your resolution

S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Agreed Upon, R – Realistic, T – Time-Based. By establishing “S.M.A.R.T” goals to your resolution, you are helping set yourself up for success. So your goal is to lose 24 lbs. in 2017. That means you need to lose 2 lbs. a month. Is that realistic? Okay, so how are you going to lose that 2 lbs. a month? Are you going to walk an extra 5,000 steps a day? The more you establish and follow the S.M.A.R.T goals, the easier it will be to follow and attain your resolution.

2. Find an accountability partner

What person in your life will help you succeed at attaining your goal? Find somebody who will not only hold you accountable but also keep you encouraged! Ask that person to send you encouraging words from time to time. Talk with this person weekly or monthly and let them know how your resolution is coming along.

3. Establish Monthly Reviews / Check-Ins

Set aside some time on your calendar every month to check in with your S.M.A.R.T goals. Did you fall behind a couple weeks? Why and what are you going to do differently to make sure that doesn’t happen again?

Let’s make 2017 the best yet. Share your goals and resolutions with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! We’d love to hear from you.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month



October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. APR participated in various activates to help raise awareness about the cause.

Bake Sale
Our annual bake sale, Bake for Hope, was held on Monday, October 24, 2016.  Our volunteer bakers, Rose, Connie, Jennifer, Anni, John, and Jacqueline, donated a variety of beautifully made, delicious treats for our event.  We packaged and sold chocolate cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, Russian tea cakes, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and pink Hershey’s kisses.  We talked with people and collected donations in the main lobby from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.  Everyone who came out was excited to participate.  Many people were even brave enough to tell us about friends and family who survived a battle with breast cancer.  We were touched by the outpouring of support we received.  When the event concluded, we had raised $261.00 in donations.  It was an amazing day and we are beyond grateful to everyone who contributed to make this event a success.


Pink Fridays, Employee Donations, Linda’s Match
Every Friday, employees were encouraged to wear pink. For every employee that did, APR would donate $5. Employees raised $360 for just wearing pink. Linda Stone, APR’s CEO, graciously offered to match employee donations, which was $210.


Our grand total was: $1,862!

All donations were given to the City of Hope research and treatment center. Linda Stone chose the charity because she has previously worked with them and supports the work they do. City of Hope not only conducts research for breast cancer, but other forms of cancer as well. They are working on other methods to cure cancer such as using patients own blood cells to defend themselves from the cancer in order to reduce the use of chemotherapy or other harmful methods. Their treatment for every patient is individualized by case because not all methods work the same for every patient. They also help those patients who survive cancer transition to their old way of life with group sessions and support.

Office Friendly T-shirt Costumes

Martha Stewart

Office Friendly T-shirt Costumes

Halloween is coming up fast and your office might be planning some activities to celebrate the day. If you are planning on participating by dressing up in a costume, make sure your costume follows the dress code put in place by your HR department. Maybe you haven’t had time to think about what to wear, but you’d still like to participate, then these costumes are for you. Here is a list of easy, D.I.Y costumes that you can create with just a t-shirt.

If you have a sharpie and blank t-shirt, you could easily be a 404 error.


Sticking with the sharpie and t-shirt, just simply write life and carry around a few lemons.


You could easily be a spooky skeleton by cutting out an outline of a rib cage and layering it with another shirt.

Martha Stewart

With spray paint and electrical tape, you could easily create a one of a kind spider web.


Lastly, never underestimate the power of duct tape. Your options are endless.

Glow-in-the-Dark-Tshirt-Ideas 189c5c778a04aa4a1b3f08a2c57fcabe


Did you have an easy D.I.Y costume you created with a t-shirt? Send us an email at apr-marketing@aprconsulting.com.

Welcome to the team, Danny!

Welcome to the Team, Danny! (1)

APR welcomes Danny to the team as VP of Business Development.  Danny started his career with the Public Transit Authority in Orange County, CA and transitioned into staffing in 2000. Danny’s worked for a Global IT Management firm in Europe, as well as an executive consultant in the gas, oil and retail industry. Danny has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Science / Nutrition and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.

In his free time (which is sparse due to the sports and activities of 3 school-aged children) he enjoys traveling and any sport or activity which takes him outdoors.  As a family, he attempts to pair these passions.


Welcome Danny! What’s been your favorite part about working for APR so far?
My teammates, the organization’s vision and the company culture.  It has been extremely humbling to be a 1st hand recipient of the openness and support I have received since joining.  In addition, it doesn’t hurt having beer on tap in our Irvine office.

What do you enjoy most about being involved in business development?
The ability to forge, mend and/or grow mutually beneficial relationships with others.  Simply put – we are in the ‘people business’, whether supporting our teammates, helping our customers achieve their goals or finding candidates their dream job.

What is a trip which you hope to take in the next couple of years?
While living in Sweden, we intended on skiing/snowboarding the mountains which lie adjacent to the Norwegian fjords.  Unfortunately, it did not happen – but we plan on changing that sooner than later.

Where is one place you’d love to travel to?
I can’t answer with just 1 response…Japan – to experience 1st hand their unique culture and Samoa – where I just may happen to bring along surfboards

The letters in APR stand for Accountability, Performance, and Results. What are some favorite things in your life that start with letters APR?
Not only a fun question, but also quite introspective.  A- Appreciation for life, we sometimes forget what is truly important; which leads right into the next letter, P- Perspective, keeping focus of the big picture and not getting overly distracted in the minutiae, and R- Resilience, at some point in our lives we will get ‘knocked down’, but what truly matters is that we get back up more times than we fall.

Irvine Group

We are excited to have Danny join our team and look forward to seeing what great things he accomplishes with APR!