Every part of managing your workforce, streamlined.

Your contingent workforce is meant to keep your business agile and responsive, but necessary employment processes can trip up your efficiency—and drive up your costs – regardless of size. APR offers a simplified solution that centralizes every process to manage your workforce – and takes them off your plate. We streamline your hiring process with pre-employment screening, compliance and validation that gets the right talent through your door. We deliver seamless transitions (and access to full benefits) to help new employees get engaged early and hit the ground running. Then the work begins. Timekeeping, billing, payment and accountability? We’ll take those off your hands, too. For any size of workforce. Your business will save time, money and a ton of stress. And with our fixed-rate structure, you’ll be able to control costs and even predict spending. In other words, APR makes it easier for you and your contingent workers to get your jobs done.

How Payroll and Workforce Solutions Pays Off

  • Employee Engagement: Our WeCare program is a platform created to help contractors hit a homerun every time via high levels of engagement and resources built for success
  • Compliance: Mitigate risk with increased co-employment and corp-to-corp independent contractor compliance, facilitation and administration
  • Accounting Accountability: Our payroll experts know the ever-changing tax code so you don’t have to risk errors, miss filing deadlines or worry if payroll is being done right
  • A Great Human Resource: We offer access to Human Resource experts for advice and guidance on building, engaging and maintaining your workforce
  • Financial Reporting: You can receive summaries on earning statements, payroll by departments, timesheets, expenses and other reports that analyze how your business is doing
  • Employer of Record Administration: We take care of payroll, benefits, taxes, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, employer insurance and on-demand reporting

Can you afford not to streamline your payroll and workforce management processes with APR?

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