The Best Tools for Success for Job Seekers

Once a week we feature a “Tool for Success” that can help in your career, job search, and more. Here is a roundup of five tools we previously featured that can specifically help job seekers be successful in their job hunt.


1. Job Dash – A free program that can help set goals in your job search and organize your applications and interviews.

wix pic

2. Wix – A free website creator you could use to create a website and show off your skills and experience.


3. Photofeeler – A free program that rates your professional photos so you can find the best picture to represent you.

4. About.Me – A free tool where users can create a profile that pulls their contact information, bio, and interest. Use this tool to increase your professional online presence.

prezi pic

5. Prezi – A free website dedicated to making presentations interactive. Create a presentation version of your resume and share it to potential employers.

Tools for Success:

Have you ever wanted feedback on a professional photo? (No, your mom does not count as a reliable source.) If so, today is your lucky day. is a free tool that rates professional photos and assists in finding the best photo that represents you.   You can create and start an account in three easy steps:

1. Create a free profile by signing up with your email address or Facebook account.
2. Next, earn credits by voting on other professional photos. Credits are used in exchange for votes on your own photos.
3. Lastly, upload the photos you’d like feedback on and choose the amount of votes you’d like to receive. I’d recommend at least 30 votes per photo to get an accurate reading. Once voting on your photo ends, you’ll receive an email with the results.

Have you ever used before? Would you recommend this tool to a friend?