Tools for Success: Pinterest



Have you ever considered using Pinterest for your job search? While Pinterest is great for home décor wishful thinking, arts and crafts you’ll never do, and a plethora of dinner ideas, it’s also great for job seekers. Try this week’s tool for success to help organize your job search efforts. Here’s how:

1. Create a board for resume templates and advice. Find hundreds of free resume templates and pin the ones that best fit you and your job. There are also plenty of pins featuring tips and tricks for your resume.

2. Create a board for interview outfit ideas and advice. If you’re not sure what’s appropriate to wear, Pinterest is the perfect place to get ideas. You can also find articles with advice on how to answer hard interview questions.

3. Create a board featuring your job expertise and skills. Especially if you do any design work, Pinterest is a great place to show it off.  If you are not in a design position, here are some other ideas of what to post. Did you set up or coordinate a volunteer event? Post pictures from that event. Did the company you work for win award because of something you did? Share their website (if they featured the award on their website) and talk about it!

Have you used Pinterest to help with your job search? How did you use it effectively?

Tools for Success: Wix

wix pic

wix pic

When searching for a job, having a professional presence online can help put you a step ahead of your competition. If you’ve ever considered creating a professional website or virtual resume, this week’s Tool for Success: Wix is for you.

Wix is a free website building tool that’s easy-to-use and offers hundreds of templates to start. Don’t have web coding or design experience? No problem! If you can create a LinkedIn or Facebook profile, building a website with Wix is just as easy.I’d recommend starting with one of their many website resume templates. Here is an example of one:

Website Resume Template

Have you created an online resume or professional website with Wix? Comment below with the link. We’d love to see some examples!

Tools for Success: SkilledUp


Do you want to advance your knowledge in Excel or Powerpoint? What about developing your skill set in business management or marketing? If so, then try this week’s Tool for Success: SkilledUp categorizes thousands of online courses in one place. While some of the courses do require payment, free ones are available.

Simply go to their website and type the skill set you’d like to learn more about. No matter what learning style you have, you’re covered. Plenty of varieties are available to choose from: E-books, documents, videos, and more.

Have you used SkilledUp before? What are your favorite courses?

Tools for Success: Asana

Image_Tools for Success_03242014

If you are looking for a project management program for your team or a self-help tool to organize your tasks, Asana can help. Asana is a free program that brings conversations and projects together in one place. To get started, go to their website: and sign up for a free account. Be sure to walk through their user tutorials to learn the basics.  Once you understand how to use Asana, you can immediately schedule projects, share ideas, set deadlines, and assign tasks.

What project management tool do you use? Comment below and let us know!