APR’s Wackiest Desk Decor

Have you ever had a piece of desk decor or a gift hidden in the back of your desk that you’re not sure where it came from? We asked APR employees to send a picture of the weirdest, wackiest item on or in their desk. From toys, to giant pens, we were not disappointed. Here were the best of the submissions:

1. Hidden Treasure.

This wacky desk item comes from Kevin, our VP of Sales and Marketing. He’s not sure why it’s on his desk, but hidden treasure always brings luck… or isn’t treasure usually cursed? Cursed with a wicked good time!

2. Transformer Fries – Wait, what?

Vanessa, our HR Assistant, decorates her desk with this Transformers Fries that she’s had since she was a kid! Who says toys are just for kids?

3. Signs point to yes…

Heidi, our Operations Manager, makes her tough decisions with her wacky desk item – a Magic 8 Ball. Why isn’t this accessory on every desk?

4. Portable Speaker of Awesomeness.

Desiree, our Receptionist, has a portable Bluetooth speaker at her desk. Music makes the world go round….or any work day better.

5. Tea please!

Ajay, who happens to be our IT Manager, submitted a photo of his “Ctrl, Alt, Del” Tea cups that look like computer keys. Oh, the irony.

6. Party Fever.

This wacky desk item was submitted by our FSO Assistant, Quan. She’s not sure why she has this, but brings it out when the office needs to liven up a bit.

7. Seeing Double.

Our Account Mangers Harvey and Irene work in separate offices, but submitted the same squirrel figurine for their wacky desk item. 

8. GOAL!

Stefania, our Client Delivery Manager, submitted “Referee coins” for her wacky desk item. She volunteers as a referee for her son’s soccer league and keeps these coins as mementos.

What’s the wackiest item on your desk? Submit your photo and story behind the wacky desk item to apr-ma[email protected] and it might get featured on our blog!