The letters in APR stand for Accountability, Performance, and Results. What are some favorite things in your life that start with letters APR? A - Appreciation for life, we sometimes forget what is truly important; which leads right into the next letter, P- Perspective, keeping focus on the big picture and not getting overly distracted in the minutiae, and R- Resilience, at some point in our lives we will get ‘knocked down’, but what truly matters is that we get back up more times than we fall.

As VP of Business Development, I am fortunate enough to hold responsibility for identifying and forging new, mutually beneficial relationships.  Simply put – we are in the ‘people business’, whether supporting our teammates, helping our customers achieve their goals or finding candidates their dream job. What I love most about APR is the people I work with. It is extremely humbling to be a 1st hand recipient of the intelligence, openness and support received on a daily basis from everyone in APR.  In addition, it doesn’t hurt having beer on tap in our Irvine office.

In my free time (which is sparse due to the sports / activities of 3 school-aged children) I enjoy traveling and any sport / activity which takes me and the family outdoors.  As a family we attempt to combine these passions of skiing, biking, hiking, and water sports.