A Look Back – APR Celebrates 35 Years

APR celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2015. In comparison to other companies, that’s older than Amazon, Verizon, and the Simpsons TV show. Employees from all over the country flew in to southern California to celebrate with APR on this big occasion.

APR Consulting 35th Anniversary Kickoff

To start the one day event, APR hosted a kick-off meeting where highlights from the previous year were discussed and goals for 2016 were set. After a filling lunch from APR’s favorite restaurant, everyone participated in team building games and activities.  Later, everyone headed over to a local restaurant to continue the celebration with food, music, and giveaways. Grammy nominated artist Steven Yabarra was the music entertainment for the event. To close the evening, a special 35th anniversary frame that was signed by every corporate employee in the company, was given to APR’s Founders, Linda Stone, Owner and CEO, and Darryl Stone, President.

APR Consulting 35th Anniversary Kickoff

After the celebration, some employees were asked a few questions on what APR’s anniversary means to them. What we found out was that not only was the 35th anniversary a big deal for our company, but for our employees as well.

APR Consulting 35th Anniversary Kickoff

For the past 35 years, Linda and Darryl’s leadership has played a big role towards the success of APR. Their hard work and dedication continue to have an impact on the company.  When they founded the company in 1980 they had a vision and 35 years later, that vision continues to come to life.

  • “I think a big factor that’s attributed to Linda and Darryl’s success is the fact that they complement each other by being complete polar opposites of each other with a shared passion and commitment to do what’s best for the company. The visionary vs. the conservative. That is a good balance to have in leading an organization.” – Kevin Jones, Vice President
  • “….Linda and Darryl are visionaries.  Their humble beginnings inspire all of us to believe that we can all be successful if we put our minds to it.” – Enrico Gonzalo, CFO
  • “I think Linda and Darryl are successful leaders because of their commitment to each other and the common goal of growing APR…” – Andrea Demons, Service Delivery Manager

APR Consulting 35th Anniversary Kickoff

Part of their vision was creating an environment for their employees that offered flexibility, growth opportunities, and a family-like atmosphere. Today, APR is a sought out place to work with no end in sight.

  • “I love my job and I’m fortunate to work in a company where there is flexibility and opportunity.  In my eight years with APR, I’ve learned that APR is “family” and that I’m surrounded by great people and leaders.” – Heidi Gonzalo, Operations Manager
  • “I feel proud to work for APR because not only have they been in business for 35 years, they like to work with established companies who have been around a long time. It’s a great place to work. I’m always happy to share with others what we do.” – Irene Ruiz, Account Manager
  • “Our people systems and our computer systems are superior. Our personnel are eager and capable of doing an awesome job.” – Darryl Stone, President

APR Consulting 35th Anniversary Kickoff

When looking at the success of APR over the past 35 years, it cannot be narrowed down to just one thing. Linda and Darryl attribute much of the company’s success to their leadership team, employees, and clients.

  • “The leadership of APR has a “do whatever it takes to make it work” attitude. We have dedicated, talented people who are committed to continuing to improve our culture and make it fun, family-friendly place.” – Aaron Stone, COO & FSO
  • “Remaining steadfast in our commitment to maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients, taking a conservative approach to risk, retaining top-performing staff, the ability to be minimally affected by downturns in the economy.” – Kevin Jones, Vice President

APR Consulting 35th Anniversary Kickoff

When looking at the past 35 years, Linda and Darryl both have a few favorite moments.

  • “We started from nothing and had to research the best ways to do things successfully and accomplish results that made an impact. We had to build systems from scratch in order to do all the things we do now that are necessary to be in compliance and keep employees happy.” – Darryl Stone, President
  • “My favorite moments are when APR receives recognition from the business community not only in California but nationwide.” – Linda Stone, Founder and CEO

As for the future, employees see it as promising. APR works hard to hire talented individuals who are dedicated and committed to making APR successful and cultivate an environment of growth.

  • “I would like to see APR continue its growth and become a fortune 500 company.” – Andrea Demons, Service Deliver Manager
  • “In 10 years, we are doing $100M+ a year in business, while Linda and Darryl are in Hawaii sipping their Pina Coladas and happily retired.  Also, many of our current employees will be part of Senior Management.” – Enrico Gonzalo, CFO
  • “We grow and not only are recognized as a leader stateside, but have an international presence as well. The best is yet to come.” – Aaron Stone, COO & FSO
  • “I’d like to see APR as a strong partner with our clients for as long as THEY are in business.” – Linda Stone, CEO & Founder

APR Consulting 35th Anniversary Kickoff

In closing, a final message from our Founder and CEO, Linda Stone:

“APR’s 35 years in business is a great milestone.  We lived and breathed APR every moment of our lives since we incorporated 35 years ago and very proud to celebrate its 35 years in business. I know that the next generation of very dynamic leaders and movers at APR will make sure APR remains solid and successful for many more years to come.”

This year’s anniversary was a special one for APR. Thank you to our clients and employees for your support. We look forward to working with you in the future.