APR Celebrates A Very Purple Anniversary


On September 12, all corporate staff joined together to celebrate the kickoff of our 35th year.  We asked employees to show their APR pride by wearing purple and decorating the office, and we were not disappointed. From superhero capes, purple suits, and ninja masks, our employees really know how to wear purple.

As part as our kick off of entering our 35th year of business, we asked employees why they love working at APR and here were a few of the answers.

“What I love about working for APR is everyone is so welcoming! They make you feel a part of a team and because of that I feel very special to be a part of a company that makes you feel at home.” – Sachi

“I respect how the company was built and the blood, sweat and tears that go into building a sustainable profitable company.” – Jeremy

“By far, my most favorite thing about working with APR is my co-workers. I feel very lucky to be a part of a fantastic team. I enjoy knowing that I am a part of our growing culture. ” – John

“I love working for APR not only because they stay true to their promise of work/life balance, but also because I love working and collaborating with my comrades.” – Lissi

“My favorite thing about working for APR is the flexibility they offer and my co-workers.” –Quan

We are excited to enter our 35th year and look forward to the opportunities and growth that is to come.