Aerospace + Defense:

Innovating For A Safer Tomorrow

Serving the aerospace industry since 1980, APR provides industry heavyweights like NASA’s JPL, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics with agile, responsive program management and world-class, security-cleared engineering, research and development talent.


Future-Proofing Public Service

With proven experience fulfilling government contracts and navigating demanding regulatory landscapes, APR delivers diverse, security-cleared specialists and niche talent, streamlined program management, and innovative tools to ensure compliance, resilience, and agility.


Building Capacity for Care

When lives are on the line, every hire matters. APR offers not only licensed, experienced clinicians and practitioners, but also the flexible staffing solutions that healthcare providers need to scale seamlessly while controlling costs and optimizing performance.

Hospitality + Gaming:

Betting on Experience

With ongoing labor shortages, stiff competition for top talent, and intense regulatory pressures, industry leaders are seeking out APR. We deliver the talent, tools, and expertise to elevate service standards while containing costs, streamlining operations, and maintaining compliance.


People-Powered Progress

As technology reaches escape velocity, programmers, analysts, developers, and engineers are exponentially in demand. From AI and machine learning to data science and cybersecurity, APR delivers tech SMEs and advanced solutions for transformational IT projects and next-level innovation.

Sports + Entertainment:

Building Teams That Win Fans

Live sporting event revenues are projected to grow to nearly $680 billion worldwide by 2028. APR is providing them with the robust pools of diverse talent and flexible strategies they’ll need to scale workforces on demand for optimal productivity, utilization, and profitability.


Connecting A World In Flux

As 5G covers the globe and more of our lives and work migrate to the cloud, APR keeps telecom companies ahead of the ever-advancing curve with engineers and consultants who are SMEs in these emerging technologies and innovators of the next ones.


Anticipate. Adapt. Accelerate.

From conventional power to renewables, infrastructure modernization to cybersecurity, APR staffs this rapidly evolving industry with everyone from STEM talent to skilled trades, providing strategies and technologies to reduce risk and costs while accelerating innovation.