Referred Workers/EoR

Employer of Record (EoR):

Your Workforce. Our Responsibility.

Remove the burdens, liabilities, and complexities of employing and managing your own workforce with our Employer of Record (EoR) solutions. APR not only takes charge of tasks ranging from onboarding and HR to payroll and compliance, but also shoulders the associated risks. This keeps your organization nimble and its resources secure, freeing you to focus on operational improvements, long-term goals, and unexpected opportunities.
APR's tailored, turnkey EoR solutions include:

Administrative Support

Reduce overhead, inconsistencies, and inefficiencies by outsourcing administrative duties to our dedicated team. From record-keeping and payroll to compliance, insurance, and benefits management, we take all employment-related tasks off your plate and streamline them.
Our proven processes, 30+ years providing EoR services, and proprietary technology enable us to ensure accuracy, expedite turnaround time, and control costs. APR removes friction for the people who move the needle.
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In an erratic regulatory environment, labor laws, tax regulations, and compliance requirements can vary wildly from location to location and even day to day.
As your workforce’s Employer of Record, APR not only shields your organization from compliance-related financial and legal liabilities, we protect your reputation as well. With our team’s expert command of shifting requirements across jurisdictions, you can expect 100% compliance, 100% of the time — and so can your stakeholders.
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Employee Verification And Security Clearance

As your workforce evolves, you need every assurance that new hires and contractors can be trusted with your organization, its resources, and its most sensitive information. APR serves as your frontline defense against employee security vulnerabilities.
With an over 40-year track record filling sensitive and high-security roles, our rigorous screening, verification, and clearance processes consistently meet the strictest regulatory requirements, safeguard national security, and deliver exceptionally qualified, trustworthy candidates.
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HR Support and Employee Experience

Whether optimizing employee engagement, satisfaction, or performance, a masterful HR team can be the linchpin of your organization’s growth and success. As Harvard Business Review reports, excellent HR onboarding inspires 51% of employees to overdeliver, while poor onboarding leads to disengaged employees, costing companies nearly one-fifth of their salaries.
APR’s dedicated HR specialists keep you on the right side of that equation with streamlined onboarding, fully compliant offboarding, and caring yet efficient employee relations at every turn.
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Payroll and Benefits

As your workforce grows, so do your payroll and benefits responsibilities, from timekeeping and payroll administration to retirement, insurance, and employee assistance. Demands on your internal resources can mount up quickly. Accuracy and timeliness become more challenging, while cross-border compliance with changing regulations only multiplies risk and complexity.
Our white-glove EoR Solution protects your organization from liability risks, eliminates the need to establish legal entities in multiple locations, and gives you back your time.
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The vast data repository of the APR Resource Management Solution (ARMS) along with integrated payroll, benefits, and tax reporting puts essential information and insights at your fingertips.
From new-hire records and timekeeping to accounting and expense tracking, any captured data can be transformed into a report, offering valuable insights for making more strategic decisions in budgeting, hiring, purchasing, and project selection going forward.
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Risk Mitigation

No organization can grow indefinitely in one place. Venturing into new markets introduces you to fresh uncertainties, from compliance with intricate local labor and tax laws to unforeseen hiring delays that may hinder your ability to capitalize on the opportunities that led you there.
Fortunately, we can turn those risks to your advantage. With APR as your Employer of Record, you gain exemption from employer liabilities and access to our local knowledge and networks, keeping you ahead of the risks and the competition.
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Workers’ Compensation

With the dramatic rise in the costs as well as the risks of doing business, reducing expenses and liabilities can put you ahead of the curve. As the EoR, APR carries our own workers’ compensation insurance, so your organization and ours are fully protected against legal action and financial damages arising from workplace injuries.
Our EoR team also handles all workers’ compensation claims, relieving your internal staff of the administrative burden, while keeping employee records centralized and consistent.
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