Global Solutions

Global Workforce Solutions

Clarity. Confidence. Control. Even Half A World Away.

The organizations that are winning the talent wars — and the market share — are the ones that can be where the opportunities are, the moment they appear.
Fortunately, though borders still exist, the barriers to global growth are quickly disappearing. Wherever your business needs to be, APR's global workforce solutions can take you there: compliantly, affordably, now.
Streamlined onboarding
simplified payroll
globally aligned benefits
100% compliance
data security
experience management

Instantly International

The traditional path to global expansion required 6-12 months to establish a local physical presence before you could even make your first hire. In that time, how many prime candidates and market opportunities could be snapped up by competitors already on the ground?
With APR as your global Employer of Record (EoR), you’re instantly in the game:
• Start hiring in 1-2 weeks
• Skip the local entity set-up time
• Expedite and streamline onboarding
• Be ready to move strategically

Simplify And Save

Forming the entities required to hire internationally would cost thousands of dollars. Once established, further significant financial and human resources would be needed to onboard, pay, and manage your remote workforce compliantly.
Our global EOR solution takes the pressure off your staff and your bottom line:
• Eliminate entity set-up costs
• Reduce your administrative burden
• Save on benefits and payroll funding
• Get one billing rate for all locations

Compliant, Secure, and Sure

When APR manages your remote workforce as its EOR, we assume 100% of the financial and legal risks. With comprehensive mastery of relevant local laws and practices, and all financial controls regulated internally, we’ve got you covered wherever you hire.
APR maintains some of the industry’s most robust compliance and security measures to:
• Safeguard sensitive data and IP
• Prevent costly misclassifications
• Provide locally compliant contracts
• Ensure compliant onboarding
• Protect your company's reputation

The Experience: Optimized

We work just as hard for our clients’ employees and contractors as we do for our clients themselves. Our goal is always to provide an experience that is far more than seamless: it’s inspiring. It’s transformative. But, above all, it’s human.
To that end, APR’s best-in-class engagement practices include:
For Employees + Contractors
High-touch onboarding with self-serve options
The WeCare® employee concierge program
Prompt payment in local currencies
A single point of contact
Regular experience surveys
7-, 30-, and 60-day redeployment touchpoints
HR practices tailored to local customs
For Employers
A single point of daily contact
Open, transparent communication
Proactive reporting
Easy access to data and documents
Local knowledge for better decisions
Regular feedback requests
100% protection from liability